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Safari Itinerary
6 Days Machame route Mount Kilimanjaro
6 Days Umbwe route Mount Kilimanjaro
7 Days Shira route Mount Kilimanjaro
7 Days Lemosho route Mount Kilimanjaro
6 Days Coca cola Route Mount Kilimanjaro
6 Days Rongai route Mount Kilimanjaro
7 Days Luxurious upper class Safaris in Tanzania
8 Days Luxurious boutique Safaris in Tanzania
8 DaysSafari with Elewana Properties
14 Days Ecotourism Birdwatching & walking safaris
8 Days Luxury Lodges Serena sopa Mbalagheti
11 Days Southern Circuit safari
8 Days Wonderful safari experience Tour Tanzania
5 Days Mahale tours
7 Days Beach Holidays Tour
12 Days Exciting Wildlife Safari in Tanzania
5 Days Safari Adventure in Tanzania
5 Days Gombe Chimpanzee Safaris
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Kilimanjaro trekking begins by reading about all Kilimanjaro routes and knows all differences. Kilimanjaro routes determine price cost of travel packages to climb Kilimanjaro. Northern circuit route is new Kilimanjaro route which has great advantages such as better acclimatization over Lemosho or Rongai and has scenic view of Geographical volcano features.

Northern circuit itinerary for daily hike altitude and overnight camp stations

Day 1
To Londorossi; begin ascent of Kilimanjaro to Lemosho Forest (2650m).

Day 2
Explore Shira Plateau; camp at Shira One (3550m).

Day 3
Walk to the summit of Shira Cathedral and camp at Shira Hut (3840m).

Day 4
Through Lent Hills to Moir Hut (4200m).

Day 5
Out of the Moir Valley around the northern circuit to Buffalo Camp (4150m).

Day 6
Up to 'Buffalo Ridge' then drop down to reach Third Cave Camp for maximum summit benefit (3900m).

Day 7
Steady ascent to 'The Saddle' and on to School Hut Camp (4700m).

Day 8
Summit day - climb to Gilman's Point in time for sunrise: on to Uhuru Peak (5895m), the highest point in Africa. Descend to Millennium Camp (3800m).

Day 9
To Mweka Gate; transfer to Arusha.

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