African safaris, leisure tours, vacation holidays and adventure travel deals varies and are available in various options. Tourists can do Tanzania safari tours, climbing kilimanjaro trips, cultural tourism, 4 x 4 game drives,walking safaris, bird watching, kilimanjaro trekking lemosho route, photographic safaris, ecotourism,camping safaris, and private safaris

Travelers can choose between below sample itineraries or inquire to ask for your custom made itinerary to fulfill your interests

   Code Itinerary
BLTS001a Mountain Climbing Gears
BLTS001b Climbing Kilimanjaro Routes
BLTS001 • 6 Days
Machame route Mount Kilimanjaro
BLTS002 • 6 Days
Umbwe route Mount Kilimanjaro
BLTS003 • 7 Days
Shira route Mount Kilimanjaro
BLTS004 • 7 Days
Lemosho route Mount Kilimanjaro
BLTS005 • 6 Days
Coca cola Route Mpunt Kilimanjaro
BLTS006 • 6 Days
Rongai route Mount Kilimanjaro
BLTS007 • 7 Days
Luxurious upper class Safaris in Tanzania
BLTS008 • 8 Days
Luxurious boutique Safaris in Tanzania
BLTS009 • 8 Days Safari with Elewana Properties
BLTS0010 • 14 Days Ecotourism Birdwatching and walking safaris
BLTS0011 • 8 Days Luxury Lodges Serena sopa Mbalagheti
BLTS0012 • 11 Days   Southern Circuit safari
BLTS0013 • 8 Days Wonderful safari experience Tour Tanzania
BLTS0014 • 5 Days  Mahale tours
BLTS0015 • 7 Days  Beach Holidays Tour
BLTS0016 • 12 Days  Exciting Wildlife Safari in Tanzania
BLTS0017 • 5 Days  Safari Adventure in Tanzania
BLTS0018 • 5 Days  Gombe Chimpanzee Safari
BLTS0019 • 7 Days  Budget camping safari Tanzania
BLTS0020 • 12 days East Africa Safari
BLTS0021 • 5 Days  Mount Kenya Climbing
BLTS0022 • 9 Days  Northern circuit Kilimanjaro Trekking
BLTS0023 • 4 Days  Serengeti Ngorongoro Safari

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