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7 Days Shira route Mount Kilimanjaro
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6 Days Coca cola Route Mount Kilimanjaro
6 Days Rongai route Mount Kilimanjaro
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The Shira Route approaches Kilimanjaro from the west, crossing the caldera of the Shira volcano and exploring the rock formations of the plateau, before traversing beneath the southern ice fields of Kibo. We make the final ascent to the summit from the Barafu hut, reaching the crater rim at Stella Point before continuing around to Uhuru Point. This itinerary gives the best possible acclimatisation and also gives us plenty of time to enjoy the magnificent scenery.

From the lower slopes of the mountain, we ascend steadily to reach the rim of the Shira Plateau. This area is home to a variety of game, including buffalo and there are good views of nearby Mount Meru, the second highest summit in Tanzania. There is a real sense of wilderness here with the dramatic rocky scenery of the Western Breach rising above us.

A steep climb up the Barranco Wall takes us to an undulating trail on the south-eastern flank of Kibo, with superb vistas of the Southern Icefields. Gradually the terrain changes to scree and we climb steeply to reach the Barafu campsite.
Our ascent to the summit of Kilimanjaro has some well-graded zigzags and a slow but steady pace will take us to Stella Point (5735 metres) in about five or six hours. Here we can rest and enjoy the sunrise over Mawenzi. Those who have the energy can make the two hour round trip from here along the crater rim to Uhuru Peak (5896 metres) passing close to the spectacular glaciers and ice cliffs that still occupy most of the summit area. The descent to the Barafu Hut is surprisingly fast, and after some refreshment, we continue down to reach our final campsite at the new Millennium Hut before continuing on the following day to leave the park at the Mweka Gate.

Day 1: Arusha -Londrossi to Shira One
Estimated Distance 12 km, Hike time 5-6hours
Final Elevation 3500 m, Elevation changed 1050 m

Breakfast, drive to the Londorossi Park Gate. After paper work at the gate continue driving up to Mto wa Simba campsite, stopping for lunch. Arrive at the campsite, during early evening. The drive through the Shira plateau is one of the best opportunities to see big game on Kilimanjaro Park.

Day 2 : Shira (1) to Shira (11) Camp
Estimated Distance 4-5 km, Hike time 2-3 hours
Final Elevation 3800 m, Elevation changed 300 m

Breakfast, begins the short hike to Shira hut campsite. This is usually takes no more than 2 hours, but this rest is required for adequate acclimatization. The west face of Kibo volcano (usually referred as Kilimanjaro) looms above the campsite. Have lunch, rest or take a day hike. This hike traverses the lower moorland where large shrubs and wildflowers dominate the landscape.

Day 3 and 4:Shira 11 to Baranco Camp
Estimated Distance 8 km, Hike time 6-7 hours
Final Elevation 3950 m, Elevation change 250 m

Breakfast, set off to Barranco (3950 m) skirting just below Lava Tower - you are now walking at approx altitude of 4000 m around the southern side of the Kibo. This is a part of acclimatization – walking up to 4800 m and overnight at 3950 m Once again, pace your self to graduate slowly
Day 5 : Barranco camp to Barafu Estimated Distance 8 km, Hike time 8-9 hours
Final Elevation 4600 m, Elevation changed 750 m
Continue from Barranco across and up towards Barafu Hut (4600 m) Today you cross the Barranco Wall – it's a climb over rock-not technical, but tiring and hard /long –ending up in the valley for the Heim Glacier view. Learn to pace yourself with your breathing do not rush to catch up anyone, go at your own, most comfortable speed and you will arrive at the base camp relatively comfortably rest. The summit day starts early.
Day 6 : SUMMIT Day to Mweka Hut
Elevation change: + 1300 m, Elevation change - 2800m
Summit time: 7 hours, Estimated distance: 6 km,
Final elevation: Descent time: 6 hours, Estimated distance: 12 km

Views of Mawenzi to the east and Mount Meru to the west as well as the rift valley are breathtaking and awesome. Kilimanjaro glaciers are as awe-inspiring as they are pristine. After a rest, descend back to Barafu hut campsite, break camp and descend to Mweka hut campsite at 9'850 ft elevation. Set up camp, eat dinner and get some well-deserved rest. A long day of hiking

Day 7 : Mweka hut to Mweka Gate
Estimated time 3-4 hours, Estimated distance 8 km
Elevation change –1600 m, Final Elevation 1500 m

Wake to breakfast, break camp, and begin the short hike won to the park gate to Mweka Park exit Gate. Drive from park gate back to Moshi – Key's Annex hotel / alternative hotel.is approximately 12- 14 h.

For PRICES Book online or Contact us via E-mai

Services includes the following :

-2 nights hotel accommodation in Moshi (before & after climb) with Deluxe room
Breakfast at hotel
-Transport to and from Moshi to the Shira trail/route heading to Kilimanjaro
-Kilimanjaro National Park fees
-All meals on the mountain
-Accommodation in the Mountain
-Safety Measures and First Aid
-Rescue Emergency if occurs
-Certificate of climbing mount Kilimanjaro
-Transfer by Shuttle to Nairobi.
- Hotel in Nairobi
-Transfer to Airport

Costs of additional services:OPTIONAL

-Bottled oxygen, only for rescue/emergency use $30
Extra acclimatization day $180
Extra hotel night, per room $60
Mount Meru climb (3 nights/4 days), per person $625
Not included in price:
Airfare From Your Country to Kilimanjaro Airport

Any other service/cost not mentioned above.

IMPORTANT NOTES: The Tanzania National Park Authority have enhanced measures to ensure safety to Tourists/, to make sure Guides/Porters and cooks are paid well. Our Guides are well Trained and certified by Mount Kilimanjaro National Park. http://www.tanzaniaparks.com/kili.html

So above Kilimanjaro climbing cost is estimated/calculated to make sure you get quality service, good and enough food, assistance from our Guides and hence success for your dreours, depending on the fitness of the climber.

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