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Kilimanjaro Safari Holidays Company is a reputable safari booking company based in Tanzania, that helps you with all safari booking plans. Tanzania is an African country rich in a large conservation area, full of flora and fauna. Also, you will find a great rift valley, amazing landscapes, and many lakes to visit. We offer you unlimited wildlife safaris, to see most wildlife animals and big 5 animals. You can book your African safari, and exploit the whole wildebeest migration in Serengeti.


African Vacation holidays adventure Co. Ltd
management are people with passion and determination to conduct fair
business on Tourism Industry. Fair Tourism Business means quality
travel services, professional tour guiding, reasonable prices, safety,
security and hygiene to Travelers.

Director, Travel Consultants, Safari guides and
mountain climbing guides are well trained, have knowledge on Tanzania
tourist destinations, and have experience on hospitality, travel, and
mountain climbing and vacation holidays in services for more than 5

Kilimanjaro national park authority provides
training and certificate to all mountain climbing guides and proves
safety, security, hygiene and success during all climbing mount
Kilimanjaro trips.

All Kilimanjaro climbing packages are all
inclusive and complete to make sure Tourists goals are fulfilled. Feel
free to contact us for customized vacation holidays and adventure
travel to fulfill your tour interests.

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