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Mountain Climbing Gears

Hiking gears varies from mountain to mountain, it depends on height, physical features elevation and trails form.

To climb Mount Kilimanjaro comfortably,
preparations are needed. The tourist needs to know which hiking gears
are needed to carry or to hire from Kilimanjaro trekking Outfitter.

KILIMANJARO SAFARI HOLIDAYS Co. Ltd is a Kilimanjaro climbing Tour

operator and has a store which provides travelers with Kilimanjaro
climbing gears.

At the Kilimanjaro store, these Kilimanjaro
trekking gears are available:-  mountain boots, mud gaiters, socks, warm
clothes, down jacket, rain coat, gloves, HAT, goggles, balaclava,
jacket, rain coat, walking stick, backpack and sleeping bag. Emergency
facilities like first aid and rescue include oxygen bottle and first aid

Extra gears are needed depending on which
Kilimanjaro trail you choose. For those who choose Umbwe route and
western breach summiting Kilimanjaro at Arrow glacier extra gears like
Crampons and Ice Axes.

These are personal Kilimanjaro trekking gears for
a tourists to have, can be hired in Moshi, Tanzania at reasonable cheap

Kilimanjaro Safari Holidays Co.Ltd provides
accommodation at Mount Kilimanjaro and all support necessities for
comfort to tourists. Tents, mattresses, tables, chairs, cooking
utensils, drink water tank, water can and groceries crater.

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