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Mount Kilimanjaro Tours

Kilimanjaro Tours

Travelers book mount Kilimanjaro tours, to see attractions like waterfalls, volcano lakes, forest animals, volcano rocks, ice rocks, glaciers and Snows. First Kilimanjaro impression is the magnificent view of its snow peak when arriving at the Kilimanjaro airport. This impresses visitors to book a sightseeing tour such as hiking to the Materuni waterfalls, Visit Historical site Museum built by German colonials, Visit Moshi German Old Church, visit coffee tours tasting excursion and active Kilimanjaro trips. Day trip active Kilimanjaro tours are Day Hike Marangu route, Kilimanjaro Shira dau hike, 2 days Enduimet wildlife management area West Kilimanjaro, and Camel ride safari. Kilimanjaro day tours are endless, more tours are such as visiting Serval wildlife sanctuary, and enjoy with trained wildlife, and do amazing giraffe feeding. 

You can view some of the Kilimanjaro attractions without climbing. If you have enough time, interest to challenge your physical endurance and some budget, we encourage you to do a Kilimanjaro trekking to the summit. We have other Kilimanjaro climbing packages, and see more interesting attractions up there.
Marangu Kilimanjaro day hike itinerary
Marangu route is well known as Coca cola route and offers a luxury accommodation on Mountain huts
After breakfast at your Hotel in Moshi, our Kilimanjaro guide briefs you and then and drives for approximately one hour to Marangu gate. Marangu gate is 1879m above sea level and the distance to Mandara hut is 8km (16 km round trip), a hike takes 3 hours up. And 2 hours down. With our lunch boxes, our guide leads you to trek to Mandara hut, rest, and have lunch, and photos. Then hike further up for 15 minutes to explore the Kilimanjaro volcano Maundi crater. At this high volcano rock, climbers see Mawenzi peak, and Kibo peak on clear day. After that, begin descending down to Marangu gate. Meet our car and drive back to Moshi..

The trip includes all services, to mention are: Pick up from your Hotel, transfer to Marangu gate, Mountain guide, picnic lunch boxes, Kilimanjaro park entry fee, waterfall fees, bottled drink water, and transport back to Moshi

Does not include: Your international flight, Entry VISA, hotel in Moshi or Marangu town, personal hiking gear, and tip to the guide


The seven Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Guide – 2024.

There are seven established routes that leads to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro 5,895 meters (19,341 ft) above sea level in Tanzania. The routes are Marangu route, Lemosho route, Machame route, Rongai route, Shira route, Northern Circuit route and Umbwe route.

There’s also a decent -Only route which are Mweka route.

Each of the Kilimanjaro route has its own advantages and disadvantages, Like cost, the scenery and the summit success rate. We encourage you to select the route that best suits you- and make the most of your comfort and increase the chance of success to the top of Africa.

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