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Points to prepare for success trekking Kilimanjaro

When booking Kilimanjaro trekking trips, these are points to prepare for an enjoyable adventure. Mount Kilimanjaro is among highest world mountains, and has average 5 to 10 trekking hours per day. Rain forest is among climatic features of Mount Kilimanjaro. Above nature forests, you find volcanic rocks, and glacier as you ascend high. As you climb high, expect more cold, and less amount of oxygen. Nature of Mount Kilimanjaro decides how to prepare, that is why below points are important for the adventure.

On top of a mountain guide role, a climber must have a clew of altitude sickness symptoms. Altitude symptoms are headache feeling, and diarrhoea. Take another Kilimanjaro climbing tip, to avoid lesions on your foot. Do get good-fitting boots; wear a thin liner sock under your hiking socks and take care of any hot spots right away, covering them with a padded blister bandage, Moleskin or tape.

3. Can we rent trekking poles for the climbing on arrival?

Yes, we have proper Mount Kilimanjaro climbing gears for rent. Rental hiking gears on arrival in Moshi help you avoid a lot of luggage in a flight.

1. How many members of the crew will be climbing Kilimanjaro with us? There is principles set by mount Kilimanjaro National park set for number of guides, porters per climber. 2 to 3 people, 2 guides, 4 to 6 people 3 guides etc and each climber need minimum 3 porters, to carry food stuff, tents on Machame or Lemosho route, and guest bag.

What is the average distance of daily trekking hours for Machame route 6 days package. Below is the km distance per day, between gate and camp, and camp to camp. That is why we recommend 7 days Machame in order to reduce daily trekking hours distance, and increase chances of summit.

On Machame  Route  first day  I walk 11 kilometres.

Second  day 6 kilometres. 

Third  day  11 kilometres 

Forthy  day 10 kilometres 

Fifths  day 6 kilometres 

Sixthy day 10.


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