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How to plan for Kilimanjaro climb through Lemosho route

Kilimanjaro Lemosho trek Preparations. Tourism in Africa contributes to a large percentage of the income of many people. Mountain guides and porters at the slopes of Kilimanjaro earn income regularly through Kilimanjaro trekking adventures. It is worth considering adding Mount Kilimanjaro to your destination travel bucket list. If you choose the Lemosho route, it means you took the best trail among all Kilimanjaro routes.

Early planning for Kilimanjaro Lemosho trail climb advice is provided here. You must know the best season to go. The climate of the region or particular country has different seasons per year. Local Kilimanjaro guides provide a comparison between different climbing seasons of the year. You can also utilize the benefit of mountain guides’ experience to choose your favorite Kilimanjaro route.

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Reasons why you should put the Lemosho route as your priority over other Kilimanjaro trails. When you choose Lemosho glades, it means your Kilimanjaro climb is a private adventure. The Lemosho route is on the western side of Kilimanjaro and offers the best scenery of the Mountain. A Lemosho trip varies depending on Length, it is 7 days and 8 days Lemosho Kilimanjaro treks. In rare cases people do this for 6 days, this is for most experienced mountaineers. Kilimanjaro climb tours of 7 days and 8 days have better acclimatization experience and high summit success rates.

In addition to that, when planning Kilimanjaro trekking, you can consider rough budget facts. Kilimanjaro travel package considers your flight ticket cost, the entry fee for a permit to enter Kilimanjaro Park, and the entire travel services. Travel services for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro tour offers include your ground handling. Travel ground handling for the Kilimanjaro trip is airport transfers, hotel in Moshi, Guides, cook and porters salary, camping equipment accommodation in the mountain, food supply, first aid safety, water supply, and transport.

In your planning, consider Kilimanjaro’s rough packing list. The packing list includes your essentials and hiking gears.

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