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When planning your vacation beach holiday in Zanzibar, consider private leisure stay properties and apartments. With coronavirus, this is a special accommodation private stay for your family or for your group travel. For your beach holidays in Zanzibar, we have a private apartment for your stay in Zanzibar beach Africa. Tourists from the USA, Canada, and Europe can read beach holiday tips in their language, Spanish, Deutsche, France, French, Italian here. This is a luxury apartment, with white sand beaches, diving centers, and easier for tour excursions like sport fishing, yacht sailing cruise tours, beach horse riding, etc. Furthermore, tourists can extend their vacation to explore amazing wildlife in national parks and climb to the Kilimanjaro summit. Get a free price quote through contacts below: WhatsApp +255784559111 and email:

In addition to Zanzibar beach holiday deals, we also have Kilimanjaro climbing discount offers and promotional safari tours in Tanzania. All backpackers and nomads can go to exclusive places with budget deals. Promotional tours begin in September and will end on March 29, 2021. Travelers can choose the size of their cake, from moderate safari lodges, camps to luxury safari lodges. All luxury safari lodges in Tanzania have provided a low room rate and also, additional complimentary free night if you book more than 3 nights in Serengeti National park. Now, choose your favorite Tanzania safari itinerary and get a price quote.

Zanzibar beach private accommodation
Zanzibar island beach private apartments
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