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Climbing Training and Acclimatization

Climbing Training:-Climbing training is a broad perspective that includes fitness exercises, local hill hiking, and how to acclimatize. Mount Kilimanjaro is among the world highest mountains, one of seven summits, and hence needs proper training before the beginning of the trip. Acclimatization is an important step in preparation for Mount Kilimanjaro climbing.

Climbing training is a basic need and includes fitness training and prepares your body for strenuous activity. Indoor fitness includes gym exercises and hence prepares your legs and muscles. Outdoor training includes hiking at local hills. Hiking is an outdoor adventure to prepare your lungs to breathe at high altitudes. Read more about complete guide tips for climbing training Click Here.

The second step is acclimatization and this can be done in different approaches. Here we speak specifically how to acclimatize for successful Kilimanjaro trekking. The first way is to hike Ngorongoro highlands for 2 days or climbing Mount Meru. The second approach is by getting enough time for climbing the Kilimanjaro Pole pole.

Furthermore, acclimatization goes hand in hand with application of principles like hike slowly, means don’t go to a high altitude too fast. So when choosing Kilimanjaro trails, find a route that offers the best approach to acclimatize like Lemosho trail, Machame route, or Rongai. If you add an extra day to the Kilimanjaro travel deal duration, you get enough time to acclimatize at a certain point of Kilimanjaro’s journey. Example 7 days Machame, 8 days Lemosho route, and 9 days Northern circuit routes are most recommended for first-time climbers or beginner climbers.

Other skills to acclimatize for successful Kilimanjaro summit are to drink enough water usually a minimum of 3 liters per day. Another Mountaineering skill is to wear proper hiking gear to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. Further mountaineering adventure training for climbing is available online, click Here

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