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Planting trees help to protect Kilimanjaro ice glaciers from evaporating too fast

Planting trees is called reforesting and helps increase humidity in the atmosphere. Reforesting at mount Kilimanjaro helps protect the Kilimanjaro snows by maintaining ice glaciers from evaporating too fast. Kilimanjaro ice glaciers can evaporate at a high rate due to global warming, caused by climatic change. United Nations Environmental Program released an alarming warning about glaciers melting in the East Africa Mountains, especially Kilimanjaro. Other East African mountains mentioned were Ruwenzori and Mount Kenya. Due to climatic change which makes global warming increase, the snow of Mount Kilimanjaro will disappear after 30 years. Earth conservationists and volunteer environmentalists are brainstorming to come up with solutions to reduce carbon gases and reduce environmental pollution. Local Kilimanjaro environmental conservation efforts include afforestation. Afforestation at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro helps create a clean atmosphere, and enough humidity to maintain the presence of glaciers. A lot of Mount Kilimanjaro stakeholders help the tree planting campaign by donating some funds, doing fundraising through Kilimanjaro expeditions, and volunteering. Kilimanjaro Safari Holidays DMC is one of the environmental conservation stakeholders and is a reputable Kilimanjaro climbing company with the best Tripadvisor reviews.

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