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Gorilla tracking, safaris, and Kilimajaro trekking

Gorilla tracking is one of the best responsible travel on the globe. Volcano national park of Rwanda is the best-known gorilla tracking in the world.  Mgahinga National Park in Uganda is among the best ecotourism and Gorilla tracking destinations in Africa. Virunga Mountains National Park in Congo republic is also home to Gorillas and also near to Volcano National Park of Rwanda. Furthermore, Virunga and Volcano Parks share the same ecosystem.

Rwanda offers some of the best gorilla trekking safaris on the planet. Gorilla safaris can be arranged by your Travel agency or Tour Operators in East Africa. You can organize adventure Kilimanjaro trekking adventure plus 4 days of gorilla tracking in Rwanda. You can arrange East Africa photographic tours by booking Tanzania safaris plus gorilla tracking 3 days trips. There is the best flight connection between Tanzania and Kigali Rwanda through Rwanda Air. You get convenient cheap flights and also save time on travel between gorilla and wildlife safari.

Uganda Gorilla tracking safaris:

A gorilla safari in Uganda is relatively cheaper than that in Rwanda. This is because Uganda has large protected areas with primates than Rwanda. Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda has beautiful scenery and a big chance to see other primates like chimpanzees and monkeys. Mgahinga is located in the corner of southwestern Uganda in Kisoro District, 10 km south of Kisoro town, Also, bordered by the Republic of Rwanda to the south and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. Bwindi Impenetrable National park (BINP): is among the World Heritage sites in Uganda and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Furthermore, Bwindi Impenetrable (BINP) and Mgahinga Gorilla (MGNP) National Parks are both located in the extreme southwest of Uganda. The most significant values for the two parks are the Afromontane forest, water catchment, and habitat to the endangered mountain gorilla (Gorilla gorilla beringei).

Gorilla tracking African safaris

Booking African safari holidays to see primates is easier. African wildlife tour plans can include gorillas, Gombe chimpanzees, and the big 5 wildlife animals in Tanzania. On top of that, Serengeti National Park offers the best safari experience on wildebeest migration. Also, Air Tanzania company also provides the best flight connections between Kilimanjaro Airport and Entebbe Uganda. Here is the travel shopping for all Tanzania safaris, Kilimanjaro climbing, etc

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